IUP, Spring 2019

Director: Rob Gretta
Scenic Designer: Brian Jones
Costume Designer: Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson

Lighting & Media Designer: Ethan Hollinger

Photography: Carrie J. Cole

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I created much of the media content myself. Examples visible here include: 

  • Pippin logo animation featuring chasing lights.

  • A "neutral" look that was a nexus of fog and swirling lines. 

  • A digital painting for Fastrada's chambers.

  • Charles' map for "War Is A Science", composite of topography and satellite imagery. 

  •  A wall of TVs broadcast war footage from various decades for "Glory,". 

  • Bertha's beach and the sing along using a bouncing beach ball as the marker. 

  • A "tweet" storm for the revolution sequence to seem as if the cast on stage was live tweeting what they were watching. 

  • The chapel window that transitioned into a sunrise for "Morning Glow". 

  • -A stained glass window for "Prayer for a Duck". 

  • A series of windows for Catherine's house showing progression of time of day

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