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Dog Sees God Costume Design  

Research Images:

Dog Sees God: Relatively simplistic, only character that has necessary costume changes is Sally. Most of the others do not need to have costume changes, as they could be wearing the same clothes since there is the space of several weeks. The only possible additions would be the clothes for the rave as needed. But these are optional. Beyond that, simplicity. High school kids are not going to go nuts with things.

Turn in typed notes from reading the script along with answers to the following questions:

  1. How many characters?  Age?  Sex?  Status?

CB: 18, male, jock.

CB’S SISTER: 16, female, outcast.

VAN: 18, male, stoner/artist.

MATT:  18, male, jock.

BEETHOVEN: 17, male, musician.

MARCY: 17, female, prep

TRICIA: 17, female, prep.

VAN’S SISTER: 19, female, inmate.

  1. Any gotta haves or special considerations?


  1. What year is it?  Season?  Time of day?  Location?

The year is 2000. The season is fall during the school year. Time of day includes  both daytime, morning and night. Locations include the school hallway, a bonfire party, the lunch room, the piano practice room, and an insane asylum visitation lobby.



  1. What movie did you use for historical research? I watched Breakfast Club and Easy A and Mean Girls as well as Scott Pilgrim for research into typical teen mentalities and fashion choices for the 2000s.
























































































































































































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