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Fabric of the Nation was a devised theatre piece created at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The 11 member ensemble told their own stories onstage. Interwoven vignettes flowed through a transitional space where each performer played multiple roles. Based in reality, the show tackled tough topics including abuse, alcoholism, teen suicide, and mental health. 

In addition to my duties as lighting & media designer, I was asked to create the poster for the show (pictured at left). 


For the production, I approached the piece as a memory play. The liminal space yielded itself to a fusion of the past and present. During the devising process, each performer created a poem based on George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From." Those poems were recorded and cut for use as video projections. Whether as reinforcement to the onstage action, prologue, or epilogue, the performers' own words helped to create the ongoing narrative. 


I used two projectors and mapped them to three fabric surfaces, including a column. The elevated surfaces created the illusion of memories floating behind the performers. 

“Fabric of the Nation”

- Theatre-by-the-Grove, IUP, Fall 2018

Director: Dr. Rick Kemp
Scenic Desinger: Brian Jones
Costume Designer: Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson
Lighting Designer: Ethan Hollinger
Media Designer: Ethan Hollinger

Photography: Brian Jones

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