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 Texas Shakespeare Festival- Summer 2018

King John

Image Board & Renderings

Director: James Palmer
Scenic Designer: Sam Transleau
Costume Designer: Angelina Herin
Lighting Designer: Ethan Hollinger

Photography: Mami Murayama & John Dodd

Texas Shakespeare Festival presents four shows in rotating rep. So it was important to differentiate each show while using the same tools for the season. 

For King John, I chose the imagery of a storm on the horizon- ominous and foreboding. The lighting reflected John's deteriorating mental state, using shadows and texture.

The two battle sequences are frantic as John battles both 

his own demons and opposing forces. For the second battle, we used a sequence of strobes and fast cues to transition the fighting into his own mind, highlighting his losses. 

I also created two candle "walls" and two hanging chandeliers created from triplets of hand soldered LED bulbs for a total of 120 flickering LEDs to emphasize the glimmers of hope in the midst of the storm. 

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