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“Henri Rousseau: Tales of the Tropics” - IUP Dance Theatre, Fall 2018

The 8 pieces of "Henri Rousseau: Tales of the Tropics" used his paintings as inspiration for both original compositions for a 5 piece chamber quintet and new choreographed works. The first four pieces began with the dancers recreating the painting projected behind them, while the last four pieces ended with the dancers frozen in recreations of the paintings. I projected the paintings and faded them appropriately, as well as created title cards and some digital art. Then I designed the lighting based on the directionality and painterly qualities within each piece. 

1. Carnival Evening Edit.jpg

For the first piece, "Carnival Evening", the choreographer wanted it to look as if the characters had stepped out of the painting.

So I created a second version of the painting in Photoshop with the figures removed and the resultant empty space fixed. 

We used the original version of the painting as the pre-show image (left), then the version with the figures removed as a rear projection (right). A production photo with the dancers is included above (top left).  

Artistic Director: Holly Boda-Sutton

Composer: Dr. David Martynuik
Technical Director: Brian Jones
Costume Designer: Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson
Lighting & Media Designer: Ethan Hollinger
Photography: Aleah Klug

1. Carnival Evening Edit JPG.jpg
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