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Spring 2023


Robert Lee

Scenic Designer:

Robert Lee

Costume Designer:

Sue Boorsma

Lighting Designer:

Patrick Mulcahy

Sound Designer: 
Nick Gosen


Media Designer:

Ethan Hollinger

Assistant Media Designer:

Lisa Scott


Ethan Hollinger

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"Through the incorporation of choreography by Suzie Baer and projections by Ethan Hollinger, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a unique theatrical experience audiences will remember for many years to come." (BWW Review)

As a young man on the autism spectrum, Christopher's world is defined by sensory sensitivities, precise details, and a love of numbers. Knowing this differs from how many perceive their surroundings, I immersed the audience in Christopher's perspective, reflecting his distinctive way of experiencing the world. The projection design became a visual collage of items in a given locale that would stand out to Christopher, whether good or bad. Examples included a tilted porch light, an unsettling garden gnome, old scotch tape left on a door, and embroidery in a housecoat.

To further explain how Christopher perceives the world, I also created a hexagonal pixelation effect during moments of extreme overstimulation. When words were involved, such as the letters from his mother, the layers built until they became difficult to read, another way to represent the sensory overload. Additionally, two of the largest choreographic sequences in the show (the train stations) utilized movement and custom-generated content to mirror the actors' movements onstage, helping the audience feel Christopher’s sense of anxiety, panic, and distress.

The show utilized a front projector for 4 static surfaces plus a constantly shifting array of acting cubes, as well as a rear projector for the cyc.

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