Sweeney Todd Costume Research Project

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~Costume Notes~

How many characters? Age? Sex? Status?

Anthony Hope: Late 20s, male, Sailor, lower class

Sweeney Todd: 40s, male, Barber, middle class,
Beggar Woman: Late 30s, female, Beggar, lowest class
Mrs. Lovett: 40s, female, Restaurateur, middle class
Judge Turpin: 50s, male, Judge, upper class
The Beadle: 40s, male, Judge’s assistant, middle class
Johanna: 20s, female, prisoner, upper class
Tobias Ragg: late teens, male, lower class (later middle class) 
Pirelli: 40s, male, barber, lower class
Jonas Fogg: 60s, male, middle class
The Company: all ages, mixed sex, lower and middle class


  • What are the “gotta haves?” The only items absolutely essential for the show are Johanna’s sailor clothes. Also, the masks and capes necessary for the masquerade ball.
  • Are there any special considerations? Blood from throat cuts spilling onto clothes, generalized grunge feel, freedom of movement for actors due to frantic pacing of show.
  • What year is it? The year is the 19th century, it can’t be any earlier than 1803, as dated by the dates of transportation of convicts to Australia.
  • What season is it? Winter and later, Spring.
  • What time of day? All times of day,
  • Where are we? Fleet Street, London. A traditionally lower class area, home to the popular press of London from the late 19th century onward. Named for London’s largest underground river which flows underneath it.
  • Is there anything historically important happening at the time of the play? In the 19th century, the population of London went from 1 million to 6 million; A city with Irish, Jewish and heavy immigrant populations. The coming of the railroad lead to further grime and decay and urbanization, while the construction of sewers lead to a drop in disease and death. Construction projects such as Big Ben and Parliament were undertaken.

Movie examples: what movies did you use to help you brainstorm?  Tell why. (TYPED)

Sweeney Todd: The Johnny Depp atrocity still helped with background characters, setting and  research of what they imagined the time period would look like, though it was much darker than imagined it would be.

Sherlock Holmes: A perhaps more realistic look at some of the upper class and middle class of the later time period. Dealing with some of the steampunk elements of the set and play.

The Prestige: Period research in and around London, costuming of lower and middle class.

The Man in the Iron Mask: More detailed historical research, dealing with imprisonment and  lower class society.


Scene Breakdown:
Prologue: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
Act 1.1: No Place Like London, The Barber and his Wife
Act 1.2: Worst Pies in London, Poor Thing, My Friends

Act 1.3: Ballad Reprise 1
Act 1.4: Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Ah Miss, Johanna
Act 1.5: Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir, The Contest,
Act 1.6: Ballad Reprise 2
Act 1.7:  Wait, Pirelli’s Death
Act 1.8: Ballad Reprise 3
Act 1:9:  Judge’s Song: Mea Culpa, Kiss Me (Part 1), Ladies in their Sensitivities, Kiss Me (Part II/Quartet)
Act 1:10: Pretty Women (Parts 1 & 2), Epiphany, A Little Priest
Act 2:1 God, That’s Good!
Act 2:2 Johanna (Quartet)
Act 2:3 By the Sea, Wigmaker Sequence
Act 2:4 Now While I’m Around
Act 2:5 Parlor Sequence
Act 2:6: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
Act 2:7 Fogg’s Asylum, City on Fire/Searching, Ah Miss, Beggar Woman’s Lullaby
Act 2:8 The Judge’s Return, Ballad of Sweeney Todd (Reprise 6) Final Scene
Epilogue: Reprise 7




Act 1

Act 2

Additional Notes


Black Sailor Pants

White and Navy Stripe Shirt

Black Sailor Tie

Black Jacket

Sailor Hat



Grey Pants

Black Brocade Vest

Grey Frock Coat


Dress Shirt

Grey Gloves

Grey Top Hat



Ivory Distressed Shirt

Grey Pants & Suspenders



White Collared Shirt

Red/Grey/Black Pants & Suspenders

Black/Red Brocade Vest

Red Tie

Ivory Barber Coat




ADD ON for outside scenes

Black Overcoat


Two Layer skirt

Grey Petticoat

Grey Socks



Greenish Blouse

Two brown Shawls

Straw Hat with Flowers Distressed

Fingerless Gloves




Mrs. Lovett


-Orange Stripe Skirt

-Orange Distressed Overskirt


-Green Blouse




-Burgundy/ Black Bodice

-Burgundy and Black Skirt

-Black Bustle

-Black Petticoat



-Black Hat


ADD ON for outside scenes

Hat, Shawl, Gloves

Judge Turpin

Black DB Prince Albert Frock Coat

Black Stripe Pants

White Dress Shirt


Grey Vest

Black Top Hat

Black Gloves


Judges Robe Added over Clothing

For Outdoor Scenes

Black Cape

Black Scarf


Remove Coat and Accessories

ADD Burgundy Dressing Gown


The Beadle


Black and Rust Plaid Pants

White Shirt

Purple Vest

Rust Tie

Black and Plaid Cape Coat

Black Derby

Rust Gloves








White Bustle Petticoat

Peach Skirt

Embroidered Overskirt

Peach Bodice

Straw and Pink Bonnet

Ivory Boots



Sheer Robe


Change After Rescue:

Boy Sailor Suit

Top and Pants



Black Boots




Distressed Shirt

Short Distressed pants





Apple Hat


Brown Wool pants w/suspenders

Tan Shirt

Repeat Vest

Green Coat

Repeat Tie

Repeat Hat

Repeat Shoes





Blue and Yellow Plaid Tailcoat

Blue and Yellow Plaid Pants

Blue and Yellow Silk Vest

Red and Paisley Necktie

Repeat Tux Shirt

Gold Cape

Yellow Gloves

Navy Top Hat with Yellow Binding


Same (Dead)



Mr. Fogg


Brown Pans with Suspenders

Ivory Shirt

Wool Vest

Full Apron Distressed

Fingerless gloves




Brown Apple Cap



Add Tan Long Coat as Fogg


Masquerade Ball:




Female Company



Multi Colored Skirt

White Cotton Petticoat

Grey and Blue Blouse

Grey Pinafore Apron

Grey Shawl

Yarn Shawl

Grey Head Piece

Navy Fingerless gloves

Grey socks

Black Boots


Masquerade Ball:



Asylum Sequence:

Remove Skirt and Apron
Add White Skirt


Male Company



Tan and Green Check Vest and Pants with Suspenders

Distressed Henley

Ivory Stripe Shirt

½ Apron

Green Wool Jacket

Brown Wool Scarf

Tan Fingerless gloves

Brown Distressed Top hat




Masquerade Ball:

Add Matching Black & Mustard Vest

Stripe Shirt
Black Jacket

Asylum Sequence:

Black Tunic

Black Belt

Black Pants

Black Bobby Hat